Sunday, July 31, 2016

Back in the Bedroom Again!

Well our creative efforts paid  off, our human's flu is gone and our bedroom privileges restored! We put our paw down about any more banishment...A cat's gotta stick up for herself

Now our slumber is secure!

We hope she doesn't get the flu for a long long time cuz we like it in here! 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Goodbye Chevy Malibu...

Well, just as our human, Carol, is getting over the flu, her 2003 car breaks down for good. She loved it almost as much as she loves us! ALMOST! It's an old chevy malibu and had 191,00 miles she said. As we understand it, cars are  vibrating noisy things we cats are coerced to ride in sometimes against our pleas so we don't know why humans like them, but that's how it is. She misses her car and did this artwork of it. Naturally we helped by providing moral support in her home office and keeping her chair & desk warm when she took breaks. - Paprika the cat

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Peaches & Paprika campaign to end exile!

We are using our  "feminine wiles" to regain access to bedroom. (As you'll recall in last post we were "EXILED" due to our human's recovering from flu. I, Peaches instruct Paprika re feminine wiles. I know humans have a weak spot for the tummy!

Paprika is NOT always a team player!

I pull out all the stops to influence my human (my pose almost doesn't look real...but it is!)

I tried to convince Paprika to try Cat Yoga with me...hopeless!

Finding no cooperation whatFurEver from her sister, I give it one last college try!

What do YOU think?   Did the kitties regain their access to the bedroom...or will they remain in exile in the foyer, forced to lie on the floor on "Cat Beds.."

Friday, July 15, 2016

Peaches & Paprika Exiled from bedroom!

Alas, our human has "exiled" us from our comfy sleeping quarters in the bedroom. We thought at first we had done something wrong (could have been anything).  Turns out there's a puffy substance called "Steam" our human is using in there to recover from a human thing called "FLU."  and that the steam makes the room too hot for our Furrrrs.

 We wish to report we're not pleased with our new sleeping quarters called "Cat Beds"  They're on the floor! We're used to a nice warm bed!   I mean, after all!    We much prefer human furniture-don't you?

 She said this is just temporary & we didn't do anything wrong.  She SAYS..But we are planning on trying various persuasive methods if this arrangement doesn't end soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Peaches & Paprika recover from rough holiday week

Thank you all for your birthday wishes!  We loved hearing from you.

Here we are, recovering from our labor-intensive week!  It's hard to negotiate your way through a triple birthday AND a July 4th celebration. PLUS our human came down with the flu herself and now we have to take care of HER!   No one appreciates the hard work we cats have.  

Here we are at last  taking a well-deserved rest.  We learned this "paws up" posture from our mom. Do you like it? Do we look like SISFURS or WHAT!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

HAPPY TRIPLE BIRTHDAY - Carol,Peaches & Paprika

Yes, it's time to celebrate the miracle of our birth!  Actually we were born July 8, 2010.  But our human Carol insisted on getting in the act and she was born July 5.  While we feel OUR special day is MUCH more important, we realize humans are important as our PR agents!  SOooo Happy B-Day to all of us! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Bloggers' "Catriotic" Slideshow 2016

So sorry!  I deleted the show because one of the bloggers  (see CATS WITH BLOGS Facebook group) objected to being in it.  I'm very sensitive to these things so the minute I hear an objection,I remove without question.  After posting three shows - The christmas celebration and two remembrance rainbow slideshow, first time this happened  but c'est la vie!  (I'll try to repost it later when I make sure it's okay with everyone.)   2016 BLOGGERS CATRIOTIC SLIDESHOW.

I have to go to work now but will figure out later!  Or not....

Love, Carol, Peaches & Paprika

Happy Independence Day for Real!

Happy Independence Day for real from both of us!

 Check out our blog later for the Catriotic Slideshow...featuring all who had a patriotic post today! (or who sent us a picture or link earlier)

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Join our patriotic Slideshow...coming soon!

How will I stick to ny diet with all these
 cupcakes around me?
Join our 4th of July Slideshow (created a day or two after!) All you have to do  is "Post" in today's or tomorrow's hop and your post is patriotic...well you're there!

Cupcakes, Smupcakaes!
She's got something to "nip" on up there!
Where's mine?
Our human, Carol, may be possibly helping us with this show! (Maybe not, we're getting pretty good at it.) Happy holiday!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Upcoming Holiday!

Happy Upcoming Independence Holiday!  Here are some early efforts done with imikimi's creative artwork. JOIN OUR PATRIOTI-CATS SLIDESHOW! During the week following July 4, we'll be assembling all of your patriotic posts & setting them to music! More soon! Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend!

Happy Holiday (I'm not letting the festivities disturb my nap! - Peaches the Cat

Agreed! - Signed, Paprika, beauteous cat, napping while there's still time!