Sunday, October 20, 2019

Moving Part 4 - Overcome by Boxes

Peaches here again! We never thought there could be such a thing as too many boxes...but there IS! Once we finished our sofa naps we entered the kitchen and...well a cat cannot even get a decent cat meal here...only boxes! 

 I searched around for a box on which to establish "headquarters." This necessitates a "high" box with a good view on which to display my charms. Here is my first effort:

 Paprika, always a hunter, decided a further exploration was in order. I was in complete agreement.

 I located an ever higher box with a superb vantage point.  The box was labeled "dry foods." This sounded promising...


Paprika decided to continue the search!

 Leave it to Paprika to try and upstage me! She DID find a nice alternative perching place! Show off!

I decided to look around myself and found a REALLY promising box...upside down CHEWY!

In the end, Paprika deserted me, which was very unfair of her.  If a cat is trying to explore a place they should not wander off to ANOTHER place. Don't you agree?

Paprika here. That Peaches is so obsessed with boxes she does't realize there is a delectable BEDROOM nearby...

signed, Paprika, Chief Exploress

We thank you for reading our umpteenth box story of the past month, and soon will be celebrating events of a more serene Halloween!!!


  1. Well I never, so much to investigate. And just think, all the fun will start again once the boxes begin to be emptied!
    Great selfie opportunities though, and we expect reports next week on what new countries you have discovered and the new mountains you have climbed. . . maybe even what strange new beasts you have tamed!

  2. That is some fun exploring you two - have fun!

  3. Hmm... that would be a toss up - a Chewy box nest or a blankety nest. Maybe Peaches could move her box into the bedroom. Tee hee hee. Kisses.

  4. Exploring all these boxes looks like fun ! Purrs

  5. It looks like a grand castle of boxes to explore and we know you two will share the high ground.

  6. You two sure have a lot of exploring to do.

  7. Now you have lots of new places to explore.XO

  8. WOW, you two should be ready when Boxing Day comes around!

  9. Hope you girls get settled in soon !