Saturday, September 4, 2021

Paprika and Peaches attack Mom Carol's blue jean shorts

Hello, friends, Paprika here, supervisor of summer clothing. What do you think should be done with this pair of Mom Carol's cut-off shorts now that summer is almost over?

I have the answer to that question!

I am taking excellent care of this pair as anyone can see.  For some reason Mom Carol did not agree!
Listen to the conversation so you can hear what she told me!

As you can see I did NOT agree with her conclusions.

I could not resist!  I could not restrain myself from trying out my world famous "rabbit-kick" on the shorts.

...much to the horror of my human.  But I was not done yet....


Good morning, Peaches here.  If those shorts are so "special" it's only right that they should be given to the most special cat in the household. Right?

Ho Hum was all I could do to stay awake during my session with them.

Nevertheless, they are MINE now!

Do you hear me?  MINE!

Peaches:  Don't they look good on me?

Mom Carol: Peaches these are Not for cats!

We're joining The Cat on My Head's Sunday hop!


  1. You are both funny with those shorts. Paprika, you gave them a good bunny kicking!

  2. Paprika you did a fine bunny kick on those shorts and we agree that many kinds of the hoomans clothes need close attention before putting them away. You do know that Peaches gave them the scent treatment so they are officially hers until you can reply? Love seeing your Selfies friends

  3. You two sure were getting your exercise in!!!!

  4. We think your Mom should be grateful you allowed her to use those shorts all summer (mol).

  5. Oh my, two cats with some creative ideas for fun with the shorts! Hopefully your Mom gets them back when kitty play time is over!?

  6. You're giving those shorts a workout girls - MOL!

  7. We think you did that about right! On the other paw, TBT says wash, dry, fold, and put away - No shorts after Labor Day unless it gets REALLY hot.

  8. OMC! You girls sure don't like those shorts!

  9. Those poor shorts sure got a beating. Nice to see a post from you. XO

  10. The tatty look is all in right now isn't it * giggle * Well at least they don't have the hols I see on some youngsters jeans (AAGGHH!) so i guess she is doing good work!