Sunday, October 25, 2020

Halloween Try-Ons of Previous Years

Our human pretty much leaves us alone about costumes these days, but in previous times, she tried hard to get us interested.  As you can see, i approach these times with extreme caution! -- Paprika the cat

Of course, I, Peaches, feel differently.  How many chances do i get to try on red horns?  To be my TRUE vampire self?

VAMPIRA PEACHES I should be called.  However my white feet give me away!

I, Paprika, was asked to be a BAT.  How much NOT like a bat do I look?  I refused to have anything substantial to do with these purple things.  Ridiculous!

In fact I am so "Halloween-Phobic," my human USED to try & confine me to a room so I couldn't get away.  She gave that up soon, though.  do I look cooperative?  NOT!

One year I was trapped in a witches costume?  How happy do I look?

In fact one year, our human decided we should be LIONS.  Especially ridiculous since anyone can see we are TIGERS!

She imagined us on some kind of safari..Sheesh, these humans.  We got rid of that idea in a hurry.

Hello, Peaches here!
I finally got the microphone away from Paprika, because I purr-tonally excel in Make-Believe & always cooperate with "Holiday Presentations." Here I am ready for action.

 Just check me out with this pumpkin!

However according to Paprika, THIS is where the costumes should stay.  Away from US!
Costumes should stay on the bed, not on cats! -- per Paprika the cat

Signing off for now while we go and lie in the sun...far away from any devilish activities our human may have planned for us!

Today we are joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday hop.  We hope all kitties will be allowed to pursue their "activity of choice" today!


  1. We love your costumes! Well, not US really since we feel the same way about wearing them but Mom loves them.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Don't go lying in the sun when you are wearing the vampire costume!

  3. Those are wonderful costumes, you two are just beautiful today!

  4. We think you two look fabulous and we love how your names go with your natural colors. Your costumes are cute, too!

  5. Those were all great costumes. I know you ladies prefer to be photoshopped into costumes though. XO

  6. You wore those costumes well. We don't do well with costumes anymore either.

  7. LOL Our cats will NOT wear clothes of any kind. They have great role models but still, no joy!

  8. We put our paws down many years ago with the Halloween get ups. That meowed Peaches you are really a cutie in your fun fancy collar and as a Vampire you are the best. Paprika you can watch and maybe will change your mind as I bet there are treats involved in getting dressed up

  9. Our Mom loves the costumes!
    You are much nicer than we are though. We would pout and refuse to pose.
    Purrs, Winston and Emily