Friday, April 20, 2018

Happy National Look-A-Like Day

 This is a day we MUST celebrate as we look so identical from the back our hapless human cannot tell us apart!

Hah! But check us out from the front. You can see my sparkling white vest whereas my sisfur Paprika is stuck with just an orange vest.

You can read more about National Look-A-Like Day HERE!

Basically, Look A-Like day is a fun holiday invented to celebrate identical twins, clones, COPYCATS, and anyone else you look like or who looks like you!

But I say, vive le Sisfur-ship and vive le Difference! --

Regards, Peaches the Cat.


  1. What a fun day! And what gorgeous photos! We like both the white vest and the ginger vest. Mom sends kisses to you both!

  2. WE look alike from the back. too! BUt side bu side, Kirby is tall with a ling skinny tail and Angel is short with a short fat tail!

  3. Well, you two look cute from any darn view!

  4. You are both alike because you are both gorgeous. XO