Friday, August 10, 2018


This is National "S'mores Day, that delicious combo of marshmallow chocolate and graham crackers toasted and melted over and open fire...YUM! Well believe it or not, we actually found a guest cat named S'MORE!   Here she is! 

S'More is one of our Facebook friends and lives in New Jersey with her 2 siblings & an additional cat...a purr-fect quartet! Here they are, enjoying S'Mores Day...

Well we have to admit, that is our fantasy of their S'Mores day celebration...they were just hanging out on their living room rug...but couldn't it have turned into a magic carpet & transported them to this campground?  

S;More & Family Original Picture

O well, we've given up the spotlight long enough! Tomorrow we return it to US, the rightful owners!

Respectfully submitted, Peaches & Paprika.

Today we're joining Comedy Plus' Feline Friday hop!
Happy S'Mores Day to all!

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  1. I love that name. What a bunch of cute kitties.

    Thank you so much for joining Feline Friday. Sorry I've been away this week, we're on a cruise with our yacht club and I had a lot of work yesterday.

    Have a purrfect weekend. ♥