Monday, June 8, 2020

Best Furrriends Day - Ear Washes, Cat Hugs & More

We  cats can be best furrriends too! Think of all the friends ear washes and cat hugs
given in one year.  More about the infinite possibilities shortly! 

We celebrated Best Furriends with enthusiasm on our Facebook Page and 50+ smoochy lovey dove pairs purr-ticipated! You can see the slideshow by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE BELOW PICTURE.

You can read more about Best Friends Day HERE!


  1. Da Boyz sometimes go, "lick, lick, lick...BITE!"

  2. Cat hugs are the best. What a great shot.

    Have a purrfect day and week and best friends day too. ♥

  3. Friends are the absolute best, especially the ones who don't bite!

  4. You are such sweeties. I wrote about your book on my post today- I love it. XO

  5. We really love how you two are best friends. I try to be friends with everyone but it can be tough with our house full of pushy kitties. I am sure you are both nothing but easy going, most days, MOL