Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sun Puddle Sunday - Part 2

We have made an exception to our sisterly distance routine cuz there is only one sun puddle here and we must share it!
However, stay in your designated place, Paprika. That's an order! - Peaches

My idea of the right place to be is right here in the IN-BASKET! I cannot help but be noticed here! - Paprika

However this tiny IN-BASKET does NOT prevent from getting a serious sun-bath!

I can even let it "all hang out!" - one leg, anyway!

Or I could just be more sedate like other cats! - Paprika
Stop all that stupid "moving around  stuff, Paprika & just enjoy the sun! - Peaches

All winter the sun did not really enter our apartment but now that the sun is finally high in the sky, Peaches and Paprika are in seventh heaven, rolling around in the apartment's one sunspot and EVEN sharing the space with each other. It's wonderful how adaptable fur-balls can be!
- Mom Carol

We're joining Cat on My Head's Sunday hop today!


  1. I think you are having more fun in your spot, Paprika!

  2. You are really enjoying getting every bit in the sun there Paprika! You're both super pretty in the sunshine, enjoy girls!

  3. You're so cute in your basket, Paprika ! Purrs

  4. Oh you two do make me laugh! Have fun and enjoy summer.

  5. Nice of you girls to "share" that sunpuddle!

  6. I believe that all cats enjoy sunpuddles, but housepanthers can get really HOT...that black fur just soaks up the heat!

  7. So much cuteness in a basket and on the desk💗Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead🐾😽💞

  8. The sun's been finding it's way into my home, too. I sure miss it during the rainy season. During the winter here it rains an awful lot, but I guess that's OK 'cause it makes for lots of happy plants in Mom's garden come springtime. Purrs.

  9. My goodness what a great bunch of Sun Puddle Enjoyment ladies