Saturday, February 26, 2022

Tell A Fairy Tale Day - Little Red Peaching Hood

 My human tells me today is National Tell A Fairy Tale Day, and she just HAD to create a tale with US in it.  She's partial to Little Red Riding Hood, but I, Peaches the cat, told her it was LITTLE RED PEACHING HOOD ---- or else!  

Little did I know that I would have to deal with a big bad WOLF and it turned out to be my allegedly"little' sis-fur Paprika!  I never never realized what sharp teeth she had.  I better stay clear of this tale....Peaches the cat

Comment from Paprika:  "It is clear Peaches has underestimated me!"

You can read more about "National Tell A Fairy Tale Day" here!

Today we and our human are joining Athena and Marie's creative Caturday hop!