Saturday, October 21, 2023

New Halloween Witch Kitties for Cat-urday Art


Mom Carol decided to be adventurous this year and create some new cats with AI and the other new digital tools.  We think she’s got some nerve, cuz after all, shouldn’t all art be about US?

But she says since it’s “Cat-ur-Day Art” Day she can do whatever she wants.  We have to admit, they ARE little different...

Well we have to admit they ARE creative, so we’ll let her get away with it this time...after all it IS Meow-leen week.  Maybe we can escape those darn costumes ourselves...

Respectfully submitted,

Peaches & Paprika

we’re joining Athena’s Cat-ur-day Art hop and maybe Cat on My Head’s Sunday bash....


  1. They make super cool selfies, and as long as you appear too, for contractual union rates, then what's the harm? Have a great, AI-enhanced, Sunday!

  2. She does the art because of you. So don't worry. Be happy.