Saturday, March 28, 2015

It's Ours and We're Going to Keep It!

We just GOT this quilt & I hear Carol wants to exchange it
No way! I'm hiding inside this quilt so it can't be removed!
No one can see me n here (I think)
How 'bout these classy feet!
Paprika's way of keeping the quilt is to go to sleep on it!
Under the sheets...
Carol ordered this spectacular quilt THEN decided the pattern was too “busy” for her cluttered den. Well we couldn’t let her return it and get a plain one. This is our first calico quilt and we’re hanging onto it. My method is crawling below the covers and hiding in it so they can’t remove me or the quilt. Paprika and I spend half our time guarding it and giving Carol beseeching looks. And not budging. This way she CAN’t return it!
See how good I look on this quilt!
PLEASE don't take our quilt!!!