Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cat Tails Tv Show - therapy cat taping

Peaches: this week Carol hijacked my Sunday Selfie!  Paprika:  Mine TOO! Oh well, there's always next week!
Left to right: Connie Gallo, interviewer, Eddie the Cat and
Terri Jennings of LOVE ON A LEASH.

Carol: Don't worry, girls, you are ALWAYS on my mind! But this week we had an exciting event: 

we taped our 3rd and 4th segments of our CAT-TAILS TV series which were THERAPY CATS!

Connie G, Eddie the therapy Cat & Terri Jennings
Up till last month we didn't even know therapy cats existed but a kind member of our blogging group suggested this as one of our 6 guests.  Here is Terri and her therapy cat Eddie, as well Charmaine and HER therapy cat Felix.  They are part of the group "Love On A Leash" and they go to different hospitals and elderly facilities much to the delight of the animal-loving residents!
Connie, Eddie the Cat, Terri J & Charmaine Harkinss
You're such a PERFORMER, Eddie

Charmaine & Felix, Therapy Cat

Charmaine checks out Felix
Cmon Felix, give it a try!
Felix deliberates: this doesn't look
like our regular "gig'!
Love On a Leash trains therapy cats
and has an upcoming class

New friends smooching!

Good boy, Eddie
Eddie, his Bandana & Terri
You did a good job, Eddie!
Glad we waited till the end to
introduce them to each other!

Okay, Guess we hogged the limelight long enough! Time to enjoy the other fine felines & other animals on today's Sunday Blog Hop organized by The Cat On My Head!


  1. Guys these are great selfies of therapy kitties,.what an awesome job they do! bravo to them..and they look siuper relaxed :) paw pats Dinnermintz and gang xxx

  2. Therapy kitties are amazing! Great selfies :)

  3. How cool! I sure wish Rosie was interested in therapy work, but she has other things on her mind - like sleeping.

  4. This is fabulous!!!
    What a great selfies to share with us!
    Happy Sunday!!
    Annabelle, Boo, Ping & Mr Jinx

  5. Thank you for introducing those therapy cats!!

    P.S.: I'm so sorry that I never commented back (or at least not during the last weeks)! The link you gave by commenting on my blog didn't go to this blog, but another (empty) Wordpress (?) one. I somehow didn't realize there was a blogspot blog as well.

  6. You two were very kind and indulgent to let your mom share these other cats with us. We know one or both of you will be back next week to purrticipate in Sunday Selfies #52. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty may, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. Looks like a great show. I bet a lot of people didn't realize there were therapy cats.

  8. That looked very interesting, filming with the therapy cats.

  9. Oh this is lovely! What an exciting time for you all.

  10. That is a great service that you perform. M wishes she would have known about things like that when she first got me. She says I am I a very laid-back gig and very friendly too. Keep up the good work.

  11. How cool ! That sounds very interesting ! Purrs

  12. We always support the idea of therapy animals, especially for seniors who are confined to senior homes which don't allow pets. So rewarding for all involved! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. How neat. That must have been fun for all concerned.

  14. More proof of why we cats are JUSTIFIABLY worshipped...