Saturday, October 17, 2015

October Cat-Of-The-Month - Tilly from England

October Cat-of-the-month: The beautiful Tilly
We're proud to present Tilly,our ravishing gorgeous October guest cat on our Facebook page.. We allowed Carol to welcome Tilly since she is also a Tiger-Calico, only with long hair! (to which we aspire one day) She is an international cat belonging to FB friend, Laura Jayne Heap who lives in England. Tilly is one of our FB kitty groups and we have been admiring her for many months. Tilly has an amazing tail like a plume (we are trying to grow ours longer) and has the sweetest expression.According to Laura, her proud owner, Tilly, when a little kitten, fell asleep on Laura’s shoulder and they have been in love ever since! Laura says, Attached is a collage we allowed our owner, Carol to make. We want to take a special tonic so we too can grow a "mane" and tail like that! Whada sweet cat! (not as sweet as us of course)