Monday, November 30, 2015

Kong Triangle Play Mat Review

Peaches & Paprika wonder what is inside the "Triangle Tunnel"
from King Kong
I was delighted to  be one of the bloggers to  review the King Kong Triangle Playmat for my kitties Peaches and Paprika.  It is available through and features "an inviting & versatile playspace for indoor cats."  It also comes in purple, but much to our delight we got another version with a leopard print!  
Peaches checking out the new "leopard" arrival

Well Peaches and Paprika are always up for a new "Play space" and this did the trick.  They watched carefully when I unpacked it and couldn't wait to investigate!

This play mat (see above) is flat but folds up into a fun "triangle-tunnel" with a dangling CATNIP MOUSE to encourage cat-antics. It can be used FLAT and has a plush velvety floor and a textured interior.
Peaches "grabbed" the playmate before i could even fold it into a tunnel

After checking out it's "leopard"side (an always   tantalizing color for calicos, Peaches & Paprika allowed me to make it into a triangle and peered inside to find the catnip mouse!
A Tunnel at last! Peaches takes a look inside....

I think I see...a Mouse in there!

It's definitely a MOUSE!
I'm going in....
Paprika was a little more hesitant
Approaching it from the outside

Before Peering inside
In summary, Peaches and Paprika had a wonderful time exploring the tunnel.  the only caveat they meowed to me was that they could not remain in it long because they were too big.  (They weigh 10 and 12 pounds respectively) Still they had a wonderful time exploring and playing, and the catnip mouse definitely caught their interest.

Peaches decided she MUSt (in true Peaches fashion) "pose" next to the tunnel, but after that the girls enjoyed the furry flat version, too!  It is a versatile play mat indeed, and the velcro straps, light weight and sturdy build make it idea for traveling!   In short, Peaches & Paprika had a wonderful time with the Lepard Play mat. As mentioned it does come in purple but they loved this one! You can find this (and lots of wonderful toys) at by clicking on Kong Triangle Play Mat. It is on sale for $10.92 at the moment.
It folds out flat, too! Perfect place for a cat nap?

Disclosure: We were not compensated for this post. We received a Kong Triangle Play Mat free of charge in exchange for our honest, review--which is that we love it! is not responsible for the content of this post.


  1. Great review. That mat does look better for kittens than adult kitties :) Glad Peaches and Paprika had fun.

  2. We can tell that catnip mouse inside was the final temptation!