Thursday, January 7, 2016

Temptations Snacky Mouse Review #Chewyinfluencer

If there's anything we like better than eating, it's playing AND eating! 

Temptations' Snacky Mouse, available from lets us do both at the same time!  For the astonishingly low price of $5.98 (marked down from $8.59), we get entertainment AND chicken TEMPTATIONS treats (which we love!) Our human fills the Snacky Mouse with the treats and WE get to bat the mouse around & do all sorts of fun stuff to get the treats out!  

Here is how it all unfolded today.

Peaches is that what I think it is? (hint:  M-O-U-S-E...?)
I can see it!  and there are treats next to him too!
DOUBLE wow...i think they are chicken...

LISTEN Paprika, I'm getting this Mouse FIRST!

Oh MY COD, our human is unwrapping it for us!

Just look it that mouse ...Sniff...cute pink ears...
and are those...?  They ARE!
30% min Protein..
.min 17% crude fat, max 4.5% crude fiber,
max 12% moisture
and now the treats are INSIDE that mouse!
Here's how to work it, Paprika!
You bat it with your paw, roll it around...
And then eat the treats! Ah, HEAVEN! YUM!

IT'S LOOKIN' right AT me

I extend my paw, reach the mouse and....
Paprika you knocked it off the bed!!! It's falling
Yawn...I think we've done a great job
of taming that mouse and eating all it's treats!

Note from the human:  This scrumptious value can't be beat.  Free fun AND treats!  this can be used for a long long time- and if you want to bring treats to a friend's pet, you can include this wonderful toy with it and provide hours of fun at very reasonable cost.  Peaches and Paprika enjoyed it all afternoon.  Contact if you would like to order the SnackyMouse.  A .42 oz bag of Temptations Chicken Flavor comes with the mouse.  Cost is $5.98 and Chewy offers free 1-2 day shipping with orders of $49. 


We were not compensated for this post. We received Temptations Snacky Mouse in exchange for our honest review...which is that it's a wonderful value, fun and more fun.  It's all good!  


  1. Looks like fun! We're gettin one of those soon to review!

  2. What a great toy that gives you treats - we want one Mum.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. That sure looks like a fun way to eat treats.

  4. Great review! We've never seen it being played with and now that we know you guys like it, Mom said she'd order one for us too!

  5. That was a purrfect review, Peaches and Paprika! That mouse sure does look like a lot of fun, and of course the treats look scrumptious!

  6. Oh my gosh, that is so much cuter than the one from someone else (cant remember the name off hand) with the weird stringy treats you stick in its ears! Yeah, you can put hard treats in it's tummy too, but it's just weird and the cats don't think the stringy treats are food! But this one looks cute! And less expensive! I'm gonna have to look out for it!

  7. our friend loves those things
    Lily & Edward

  8. How cool ! That's a purrfect way to have fun AND treats ! Great review ! Purrs

  9. Great review ladies. My cats have one of these and Joanie seems to get every treat so it is nice you 2 know how to share.