Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cat Amazing-Puzzle Review-#Chewy Influencer

Told by Peaches the Cat

Imagine our delight at getting a new toy with treats inside it!   

We got to play with Cat Amazing's "Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle" as part of the CHEWY INFLUENCER program from Let us tell you it made MAGIC out of our afternoon! 

( You will GASP at the end of our little tale...but of course we'll tell you, our friends,  ALL!)

CATAMAZING supplied the inventive puzzle
box while our human supplied the treats!)
The flat orange and white mailer with a cute kitty pic warned us we were in for a good time.   The puzzle maze was easy to assemble taking just minutes.  

Paprika, my sisfur (below) was the first to investigate but I took care of THAT!

Paprika:  There's treats in here and I am the one to retrieve  them!

As usually I persuaded Paprika to let me go first!
I've got this, Paprika!

Peaches: A Little PAW ACTION is the way to proceed!

Paprika: I love those butterflies on the side of the box! I can pretend I'm outdoors!

Peaches: On second thought, wonder if my head will fit into THIS hole!

Hola it works!~ I'm going IN!

Yay, it's WORKING! I've got the whole box on my head!

 Darn! Rebuked by my sister Paprika AGAIN!

Well, although I took charge and "did it all wrong," is there really a wrong?  Didn't I defeat the system, find the treats and conquer the challenge?  YOU decide!

PS: After turning the box upside down, we saw this little instructional sentence...WHOOPS!

More cool facts about CATAMAZING:
  • There are four levels of difficulty: beginner, medium, advanced, SECRET...



  • The box is made from 30% recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable. Printed with certified metal free links so its safe for your kitty to chew on.

CATAMAZING's fun Interactive Treat Maze and Puzzle Toy can be purchased through's website and currently is on sale for $14.99.  Free shipping from Chewy on orders over $49.00


Disclaimer:  We received this interactive Puzzle Box from in exchange for our honest review.  We hope one day they will forgive us for turning their tantalizing box upside down!


  1. That note on the other side is too funny. We have a wooden box like this that a very nice lady gave us ( your Mom) and my cats love it. Nice review! XO

  2. Peaches, you did exactly what my Bear Cat would do. He's been known to get his head (and paws) stuck in boxes and anything else with a hole (like the toaster). We think you aced it ... how did Paprika fare? Surely you let her have a turn, right?

  3. I might have to order this for my Holland Lop - looks like something that can provide entertainment. I am a new visitor to your blog and hope that you will visit and say hello.

  4. MeOW Ya'll had lots more fun with it than we did. Me wasn't really innerested in it at all. And it only kept Raena busy fur a few minutes. We've not touched it since da day we set it up. MOL And your mommy is obviously more taelnted than ours, cuz it took her furever to put it together. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena