Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day!

Wishing all of our blogging friends a happy day and remembering those who fought for our country and freedom!  It's valued now more than ever!

We're hoping to get an early start on our Catriotic slideshow early. See badge below by Zoolatry. 

Please send us a patriotic link for our show or email us. ANY patriotic graphics is fine.Just need kitty & blog name address. Though deadline is not till mid-June, its fine to send it now!


  1. Happy Memorial Day! We love all of your slideshows, and we can't wait for the Catriotic one!

  2. Beautiful post for Memorial Day.

  3. Hope your Memorial Day weekend was fabulous! We loved the Memorial slideshow and are looking forward to the Catriotic one as do a beautiful job putting them together....they make us leaky eyed but are always happy to see sweet Angel faces......

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. Oh great I think the photo we sent to you said Memorial Day....whatever, it was in small type so you can still use it lol catchatwithcarenandcody