Friday, June 2, 2017

National Donut Day

Peaches & Paprika were horrified when they realized they had almost missed National Doughnut Day!!!

Here is a link telling you more about this special day! We decided to extend the day to Saturday to join the Caturday Art hop hosted by Athena & Marie as well as the Friday Pet Parade  hosted by Rascal, Rocco & Basil.

For more about this special day, you can check out this link:


  1. Ha ha! Looks like you really enjoy your donuts, girls ;)

  2. OMC - we missed it too. How could we have missed National Donut Day! It's all M's fault of course for not checking the calendar again.

  3. Did you guys get your free donuts yesterday? TW did but it didn't have ears and paws.

  4. I hope you cuties got your donuts :)

  5. National Donut Day? How could I have MISSED THAT! Yikes!

    Hugs, Teddy