Saturday, September 16, 2017

Window Spats

Alas, Our human fell in love with black & white this week so our lovely Peach colors are just a memory.

 Paprika: I want you to know that Peaches was very discourteous to me when we were looking out the window this week. So I swatted her one. Do you blame me? 

Peaches:  I don't have to takin NOTHIN' from you, squirt.  Check out the angle of my beautiful pointed tail. Bet YOU can't do THAT!


Paprika: I can do that and MORE. I think my sister Peaches is a "spoil-sport." Just stalking off like that when things don't go her way. As usual. I have more plans for her. Tune in soon. 

Today we're joining Marie and Athena's Caturday Art hop using Lunapic's Escher black & white effect. Fun! But we want to be peachy again. 


  1. Ha-ha! The Real Cats get into spats like that too. Never a dull moment. Happy Caturday! :)

  2. The only one I ever spats is Grandpaw...MOL :D Great artworks anyway, Peaches and Paprika :) Pawkisses for an Arty Caturday :) <3

  3. I have missed you, glad to see your post. Sorry you ladies had a tiff. There is room for 2 in the window. XO

  4. MOL! That happens around here all the time. No cat gets respect. ;)

  5. We don't think you should fight over the window. We beat you were just playing right?