Sunday, November 3, 2019

Fall Back Time is no Joy

Our human has lost her mind.  We know for a fact it's 7AM, and we cannot get any food around this house.  Our human insists it's only 6AM.  We CATS know exactly what time it is.  Breakfast time.  Humans know nothing.  We'd like to feed THEM an hour late, see how they like it.  As one can see we are hungry and outraged.

Did YOU kitties have trouble with your humans' timetable this morning? 


  1. MOL! I think all the kitties in this country are miffed at feeding time this morning! Except the Arizona kitties, lucky little furbabies.

  2. Haha! Well, due to my previous working schedule I had moved my kitty's wet food meals to the evenings a while ago, and we just sort of kept it that way, so I'll be hearing it from her later today I'm sure :)

  3. Sorry ladies, I love this time change :)

  4. I was really confused this morning. It was well past 8am when I normally get fed so I went to see why the mom was still in bed. And she ignored me! So I laid right next to her and finally she got up and fed me. ~Ernie

  5. Definitely need to change this changing of the clocks, if only for the humans sake, MOL

  6. We have the same problem, but the humans won't listen!!!!! Sorry I am late to the Selfies. Work got in the way and it makes stuff a bit of a struggle, but I'm here :-)

    Have a good week.