Sunday, November 17, 2019

Checking Out "Our New Digs!"

FINALLY everything is unpacked here and we can relax and explore a bit!

View:  Not BAD!  My first act, of COURSE, is to see what's OUTSIDE. Trees, trees and more trees. But will there be birds? -- Paprika the cat

 Full disclosure: Our human admits she took this picture BEFORE the leaves fell. But the tree on my left remains green year-around!

Peaches here! When I learned Paprika was trying to "take over" the living room, I took immediate action!  I should be the centerpiece for all photos!

Take the kitchen for instance.  Remember the BOXES we lived with for weeks?

With the boxes gone, there's only ONE spot in the kitchen to call my own:

There was no arguing with me, its the only kitchen spot to nestle in and snoopervise! Our human would have to make other arrangements for her "dining."  Not  my problem -- Peaches the cat

But more exploring was yet ahead!

To our delight we found we had OUR OWN BATHROOM! A first! Strange digs...only ONE bedroom (not like our previous TWO, but one and a HALF bathrooms. And we got the HALF!

I, Paprika, could not believe it at first.  Here are I am sitting "in shock", adjusting to this strange idea.  Can we really kick up litter here to our hearts content?

  Nope...Peaches here.  NO WAY is Paprika taking over that bathroom.  I leaped to the rescue to secure my space there!

I like to assume postures which leave no room for doubt!


I, Paprika, somewhat desperate for a place to call my own, decide to occupy the IN/OUT basket on my human's desk.  No one can do a thing here without inspecting ME!

And of course, I always rule the "high spaces!"
(check me out leaping from the highest bedroom cabinet)  That's the CEILING right above me...

 Peaches here, having joined Paprika in the bedroom. She can gyrate and leap in the air all she wants, I'VE got the IPAD!  And I'm finding it very warm!

Hoping I can stay on this ipad, a long long time.  I'm getting to really LIKE Ipads!

Till we meet again and explore some more...

Love, Peaches & Paprika
Inveterate Explorers


  1. WOW, you two are really having some exploring fun! Your new digs sure looks nice!

  2. Those are some primo new digs gals, have fun!

  3. Exploring your new home looks like fun ! Purrs

  4. NIce new digs. You have a great view. Glad to see Paprika can still get up nice and high. XO

  5. Lots of exploring and places to claim as your own! How exciting to have your very own bathroom too.

  6. Your new home looks great! That view is spectacular! And we bet there will be birds...just wait.

  7. Ladies what a great new spot you both have, um Mom too. We know will all be very happy and we are looking furward to all you posts to come

  8. Your new place looks pawsome!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Looks like ya got a great view there!

    1. We love da view but are still looking for da birds....

  10. Sorry to be so late, I am prepping for a craft fair and got all behind. As long as you are happy and settled then you are HOME!!!

  11. Wow, that almost takes the fright out of "moving". It looks like you are having a great adventure!