Sunday, January 24, 2021

Change a Pets Life Day - What You Can Do

What better way of celebrating Change A Pet's Life Day than celebrating our local shelters, our kitties and shining of what WE can do to change a pets life!

Here are a few Shelter Videos we made in the past still played today which  illuminate these  organizations and adoptable occupants.

What YOU can do to change a pet's life this winter

1) Adopt or foster a kitty who doesn't have a home
2) Volunteer at a shelter
3) Donate to a shelter (it can be toys, food, or office supplies doesn't have to be $$$)
4) Spread the word about adoptable cats
5) Photograph cats at your local shelter to present them in their best light for potential adopters
6) Organize or assist at shelter events
7) Share your own cats' stories - let people now how their lives have change
8) Do something for your cat that he/she loves - a special brushing, a extra play session, a new toy
9) Bring out that scratch-cat house you've been saving for a special occasion and let him/her explore (or a new "box" or crunchy paper bag if you do't have one
10) Sing to your cat (yeah we do that, we humans) in a soft voice. (Most like it) (no really!)

The shelters were honoring in our videos today are *

*This is the organization that rescued Us!


We are joining the Cat On My Head's Sunday hop today!


  1. Great tips and what a sweet photo! Visiting from The Cat On My Head. Inviting you to join us for Friendship Friday and Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy! :-)

  2. Thanks for what you do for cats and the welfare of all pets. You and others like you have inspired me.

  3. Aww, we never hold back on giving our kitties something that we know they'll love!

  4. Those are all great suggestions. I donate monthly to a local shelter where I sponsor a cat pen.
    That is a very sweet photo.

    1. Thank u! I took it at a local shelter here in CT. This kitten looked particularly beseeching!

  5. We love it when lives get changed for the better!

  6. This is so important and we support some local shelters when we can and one, Tabby's Place, on a monthly basis. We also do TNR on those close to our home and successfully homed 3 kittens and got Mom and Dad fixed in 2019. Thanks for the reminder

  7. Wonderful ideas, my kitties really do like when I sing to them. I am tone deaf so they are the only ones who appreciate my singing voice - MOL!

  8. Good ideas but we're not so sure about Mom singing!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Your guest selfie is adorable! We think your list is terrific. A local lady has started a shelter because of a dumping issue in the nearest bigger town and we are supporting her. It is tough in these rural areas for consistent long term resources. And the singin...Cinnamon howls and we hide when Mom tries to belt out the oldies! Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  10. Nice videos, great suggestions, and I love to see shelters that really make a difference for kitties!

  11. YEAH! You don't NEED a special occasion. You need it now, be present in the moment and enjoy your cat's joy in its new scratch house.