Friday, January 22, 2021

National Answer Your Cats Questions Day

 It's NATIONAL ANSWER YOUR CATS' QUESTIONS DAY! After a half day search we found the purr-rect holiday! And we have a question for OUR human. "WHY DON'T YOU PAY MORE ATTENTION TO US?" (We fixed that by crawling inside her laptop!) What would YOU kitties ask your human if you could?

There are a lot of other questions we COULD ask...

Here are Peaches' questions:

Why does Paprika bother me all the time?

Why don't you pay more attention to me when I'm "in the mood?"

Why don't you leave me alone when I ask you to?

Why did you buy that un-tasty discount cat food last week?

Why can't I have Paprika's dinner too?

Paprika's questions:

Why do you make such a fuss when I go take a little stroll amidst your fragile shell collection/ Can't you see I'm being careful?

Why do you pay so much attention to Peaches?

Why do you get so mad when I take a bite out of your silk plant?

Why can't I have butler service every day instead of just part of the time?


  1. Good questions, but did you get the answers you wanted?

  2. Good questions but did you get good answers?

  3. Great questions, can't wait to read your mom's answers ! Purrs