Saturday, February 13, 2021

Cat Match - a New Valentine Game for us!

This year we invented something new - CAT MATCH - a special romantic game where 25 lucky female cats get VIRTUAL CAT BOYFRIENDS.

Face it~ Girl cats, haven't you always wanted a special friend NOT in your household?  One of our boy cats came overseas all the way from the U..K.   

Each purr-ticipating cat posts a comment and is asked to state his/her best quality and favorite pastimes.  Sometimes they suggested their ideal date - such as sharing mice! Or an afternoon on a fluffy blanket by the fireplace.  Or learning how to unroll toilet paper.  

Here are a few of the couples we "matched up!"

There will be a virtual slideshow on Valentines Day.

That is if Mom Carol has any energy left after all the "matching up!

This would be a fun thing to try with our blogging group next Valentines!

We are joining Athena & Marie's Creative Cat-Ur-Day Hop as we're feeling creature, er creative today indeed...


  1. That's all so much fun. I bet yoor Momma would appreciate some loving chin rubs on her fingers after all that work to match up love-lorn kitties. Love this so much!

  2. This has been SO much fun! Mudpie's dance card is quite full this year and we plan to blog about it next week!

    1. Hope it's okay to post Mudpie and boyfriend's photo tomorrow when I post the slideshow. Sharon's Raz was also paired up. Hope we can do this in the blogging community next year!