Sunday, November 7, 2021

Separation Anxiety - by Peaches the Cat


Here I am hugging my human when she returns
A big change occurred in our household recently.  Our human DISAPPEARED!  She insists she did NOT disappear, but I know different.  That's because she races around in the morning and then she is definitely GONE - for hours and hours.  Used to be I could hang out with her whenever I wanted and now I have to wait till 5PM when she returns! 

I am so thur-RILLED when she returns. 

Paprika could care  less, she's not a sensitive animal like myself, but I wonder every day whether the human will come back home 

at ALL.    she says she has gotten something called a J-O-B.  This is NOT good.  That means when I want an ear scratch or a head rub SHE MAY NOT BE THERE.  She mays she needs M-o-                                                    n-e-y to buy us cat food but we've been eating steadily the last year
so what's the fuss?

I did some reasearch on the inter-cat-net and after a few scratchings, came up with the term r-e-m-o-t-e.  I told our human "Do THAT." Cuz then she could scratch my ears all day long.  she said it wasn't that kind of job and that she had some heavy h-o-u-s-e-h-o-l-d expenses.

Well all I can do about it is:  1) await her arrival in a comfy, seductive position to welcome her home  and 2) smother her with kisses and fur and rubs when she returns.  And all evening after that. After dinner I insist on lap time to reward her for feeding me.  She thinks I've gotten really weird and calls me "insatiable" (whatever that is) but....I've got to grab my lovin' when I can, who knows what will happen next!

Yours truly, Peaches the cat

PS Of course I DO give her a little "guilt trip when she returns--finally.  What cat wouldn't?

Waiting for my human and NOT very patiently

Human's note:
  Little did I know my starting a part-time job to pay the mounting bills (only 4 hours a day!) would cause independent, confident Peaches such worry! She has literally become a "clingy cat" when I am home and when I arrive, the strength of her purr can probably be heard down the block.   Yet Paprika, the more "scaredy-cat" of the two has taken it in stride. It's funny how we never know how our animals will react to even a small change.

For the meanwhile, I'll enjoy all the extra head butts, purrs and extra rubbings from "insatiable Peaches!" 


  1. Such cuties. Sorry you have to be without your mom part of the day. XO

  2. That's quite the adjustment for everyone but it sounds like a new normal is getting closer and closer!

  3. Change is not nice, but hopefully you will soon get used to it.

  4. Purrs to all of you ! Keep eating Peaches !

  5. Awww, poor Peaches! Adjusting to new schedules is hard - sending purrs your way.

  6. Peaches, I'm sure you'll get used to your mom's new schedule...and may even learn to like having her gone for awhile so she doesn't bother you all the time.

  7. I know the twosome will learn to cope. Cats are adaptable when they realise you aren't gone forEVER111

  8. Poor Peaches, we hope you'll get used to your mom's new schedule very soon. Could you tell her to answer our mom's mail please ? Purrs

  9. Well J-O-B sometimes means food (for you). Just be extra nice when she comes home.

  10. Sometimes those extra green papers can buy pawsome things like TREATS!