Saturday, December 23, 2023

Fantasy Cats of December 2023

Our human has completely lost it.  Instead of playing with US, she devotes much time to creating "fantasy cats" which she thinks are cooler than us.  I tried to reason with her but it was hopeless.  I've, instead, found a new habitat in a boxtop between my human's keyboard and her screen.  That way she has time to pet me and talk to me while her images are "saving" on the computer.  Here is a picture of where I hang out daily these days! 

Well my human also is making me help display her new artwork.  YOu might even enjoy it.  she says I should be proud of her new creative concoctions and imagination.  I think NOT!  Paprika could care less, she just wants to chase around the house and actd silly. Do you like her new work?  Do you like my box top home?  she said I was being a bit "intrusive,"  She also complains about my tail being out of control and knocking over things on her desk.   But what do YOU  think?

Cats trying to make a snowman...but somehow
It has "cat ears."

Here are some more of her creations, made to order for CAT-Ur-Day art!

Cats complain they want FISH not Salad when at a business conference.

Eight Cats Making Merry on a Christmas Tree


My human decided to join Athena Creative Cat-urday hop to show off her artsy side.  I'm against the whole thing!

-- Peaches the Cat


  1. Those are all lovely. Our fave is the last one. Merry Christmas!

  2. Those are lovely. My favourite is the cats on the Christmas tree.