Monday, February 19, 2024

Happy Presidents Day from CEO’s Peaches and Paprika

We always wanted to be presidents to honor our great leaders of the past, since after all we are

CEO’s of our own blog, BUT there was a disagreement.  We both wanted to be George Washington!   I tried and tried to get Paprika to wear brown hair and a beard since she SHOULD be Abe Lincoln.  Guess what, she refused.  I told her if I am George, she cannot be George as well.  Well Paprika is a stubborn cat, you know how she is.  Just look at her indifferent expression!  Finally I had to give in, and let her ALSO be George.   I am the Alpha Cat, I wasn’t about to wear a beard.

But anyway I digress.  We do want to honor these great past presidents and only hope we will see their likes again to lead our great country!

Happy PREZ day, our friends. (Our human got off work today so we have to put up with her all day long!). -- Peaches the Cat 

(that’s me on the left, my stubborn sis-fur Paprika is on the right))