Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Meowy Gras Celebration!


We calico gurrrrls believe in having a little fun and what better way than to dress up in Mardi Gras gear!  

Within one night we can don several costumes and be A DIFFERENT CAT Every 5 minutes!

Here are a few of our try-ons:

I, Peaches the cat, started out modestly with a single mask....

Of course, things became more outrageous after that!

Paprika was not far behind!

I knew I better do some fancy footwork to keep up with her...Peaches

And there’s my turquoise number...Don’t I look , er, “queenly?”

Ultimately, we decided on Meowy Gras Teamwork! 

But then our Facebook friends got in the act and insisted on dressing up too!  We were forced to create a slideshow parade to accommodate them!  You can watch this colorful slideshow right here!

In the end, we decided to don one more Meowy Gras costume and retire for the night....

We may just join Athena’s Cat-ur-day hop to show off our finery...what good are crazy duds if we can’t show them off?