Monday, June 1, 2015

Blog Makeover Monday

Good morning to all and thank you for all the great remarks on the cowboy boots.  More boots shots later since Paprika joined the fun shortly thereafter!

I wrestled with "da Blog" Sunday, adding a new header, template & struggled through adding "TABS"! One for Peaches, for Paprika, for their story, and some of my animal portrait gallery of others - cats, dogs, horse and even ducks!  It was hard but i learned a lot about Blogger! It is still a "work in progress" and I plan to change the header to a collage (if I can figure out which software to make one with), a shelter tab and one or two other tabs.  I may switch to WordPress, not sure yet.

Any comments or suggestions?  (including if you like WordPress, those who tried it) Most appreciated, this is my first kitty blog!

Peaches eyes boot with interest...
If you would like to write to me directly my email is

PS:  Peaches & Paprika helped me make the changes by not sitting on the keyboard as much as usual


  1. We like the new blog look. We're on Wordpress...and there're advantages...and both Blogger and WP. You have to figure out what works best for you.

  2. We like your new header and BTW we are on Google. We have tried Wordpress but find Google is better for us.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. I like the new header. I have only used wordress and I love it. Most was easy to learn from a book I got out of the library. Audra of Dezisworld talked me through the parts I had trouble with and I could do the same for you now that I know.

  4. I think you might be able to make a collage of photos with PicMonkey. I am not tech savvy at all, and I can use PicMonkey. :)

    I've used both Wordpress and Blogger hosted blogs, and I find Blogger the easier platform to work with, but I know a lot of people like WordPress, too.

  5. We love your new blog look ! We were on Blogger, and switched on to be self-hosted, and we prefer it. Purrs

    This link can give you some great ideas!

  7. Good for you of figurin out "tabs". We haven't yet. TBT says its our old template and he isn't ready to do a new one right now.

  8. Thank you all, for all your comments. Please check out the "animal gallery" when you have a chance, you'll find some new photos there! For those who commented on "tricky tabs" I learned how to create them by googling "how to create tabs in blogger." But its clumsy and takes several tries of repositioning little blocks (pages) But I was determined.

  9. I'm going to stick with Blogger for now having limited time to dig into any other platform. But the flexibility of WordPress intrigues me. Penelope, thanks for the link. Thanks again for all your comments & please write me if you have more!