Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sebastion House for CATS ONLY in Ashford, Connecticut

For Adopt-A-Cat-Month, we feature charming "Sebastian House," a cozy "cats only" cottage. VERY SHORT! WORTH THE WATCH! PAWLEEZ Click on Arrow...

This cozy cottage filled with meowing kitties is part of "Our Companions," a unique animal sanctuary in Ashford, Connecticut where I volunteer.  Their motto is:  "Doing the Right Thing" for Animals.  Visiting Days Saturday-Sunday. Our Companions Animal Sanctuary


  1. This is an absolutely pawsome looking place! Almost as good as a forever home.

  2. What a *precious* video and sanctuary. I wish I could live there with all of the kitties!!!

  3. Excellent! Good thing wes lives too far away to visit as Mommy would has wanted to brings home several of those beauties!

  4. Thank you guys so much for your visitation. This sanctuary is a totally neat place. Our mom wouldn't let us visit with her cuz we might want hang out on their soft sofas long after she goes home!