Monday, June 29, 2015

"FEEL THE LOVE" Slideshow for Our Companions

PAWLEEZ take a peak, even for a minute! It's Sanctuary life  from CAT residents point of view. MEOWS & purrs will be heard.  posted late yesterday. Our human won't pay attention to US till those"OUR COMPANIONS"cats have their day so PAWLEEZ take a so she'll start talking about US again! Signed, Peaches & Paprika!

PPS: That's Emily, another tiger calico (not us) in the picture.  Don't forget us!!

Here we are! Don't Forget Us!
Signed, Peaches & Paprika.
The above show is the shorter version. There is a longer version on our Peaches & Paprika Channel which will be shown at the Sebastian House visiting hours.  And if you click on OUR COMPANIONS link you will get to their website.


  1. Your mom did a pawsome job with the slide show! We hope it gets lots of kitties adopted.

  2. peaches & paprika...yur mom did an AWESUM job on theeze slideshows....we watched em both !!! we gived her 984 paws UP !!! ♥♥♥ a paws...a paws.....a paws.... ~~~~~~

    N we hope everee one at Sebastian House finds ther for evers for ever ♥♥♥

  3. Great job on the slideshow. I could snatch up Maurice. I hope they all get forever homes soon.