Saturday, September 26, 2015

September Cats of the Month: "THE GORDON GANG"

September Cats of the Month - The Gordon Gang
Believe it or not…Our Cat guest(S)  of the month is..are SIX CATS! 
They DO belong to one owner, the Gordons, who often lovingly rescue cats in need right out of the freezing cold and foster them in their own home. 
Mike is my colleague at work and he loves hearing about US so we are returning the favor! 

Our September guest cats' names are Shedly (named for being found in a shed!), Mickey, Cali, Bailey, Teddy and BlackJack. Of course sometimes the fosters could become permanent residents… I counted six cats now in the Gordons home. But its possible there is a 7th! Each has his or her own "hobbies,"  ranging from cat towers to heated sun baths and bird watching, but they all get along! (well, usually) The collage we allowed our owner Carol to make for them show some of their different activities and personalities!  We have cautioned her not to spend too much time on these "other cats" but we don't know if she will listen.