Saturday, July 29, 2017

Happy International Tiger Day!

From Paprika the Cat: 

I have always thought myself a stalking tiger par excellence so for Caturday Art, I triplicated myself to celebrate this important day! Don't I (we) look like  good stalkers?  Peaches may be joining me later as she doesn't' approve of being excluded.  International Tiger Day is a holiday celebrating the conservation of these precious animals.  I'm sure we all agree, tigers are wonderful!! I consider myself descendent of a proud breed.

From Peaches:  you're darn right I'm joining you!

I can't believe Paprika thought she was going to hog all the attention.  I'm watching you, Paprika, I'm watching you! 

- signed, Peaches the cat

I I I I I I 


  1. Paprika,
    You look like a wonderful tiger. And there are three of you, too.
    Yael from

  2. You are a gorgeous mini tiger. XO

  3. You make a lovely tiger. I thought there were three of you in the first picture, but then I saw another one hiding below your first image.

  4. You two are lovely mini-tigers ! Purrs

  5. Beautiful mini tigers like me!

    Purrs xx

  6. You look like true tigers! :)

  7. I didn't know it was Tiger Day before today, but you ladies sure look lovely representing them!

  8. Love today's art. They look like they're really in the wild.