Thursday, July 20, 2017

Renovation Cats Part 2 - Recused in the Bedroom!

Well out of the blue, we found ourselves IMPRISONED in the bedroom.  Walked in and then couldn't get out!!!  However we didn't really want to get out. A high level of noise was observed beyond the bedroom. I told Paprika I would serve as official InvestiCATor


Peaches:  I'm on the case, Paprika! I see a truck coming...

A big object in our yard... It's DreamMaker Kitchen Renno. Uh Oh! Nothing good can come out of this!

Don't worry, Paprika. I will keep you posted.

Good thing I found this suitcase to HIDE in!

Paprika, there are men with loud voices and weapons coming toward the house! not good! 

Paprika: Good thing we're locked IN! I'm sticking to this suitcase! 

Peaches:  I'm coming inside - there are crashing noises out there....

Paprika the noises are coming from a southern direction. Sniff!

Paprika,  I think the noises may be coming from the closet!

Helloooo...who are you?

Paprika, there's no one in the closet!

Time for a washing!

To be continued...


  1. Kitchen reno are no fun - we did that a year ago. It's nice when it's done though.

  2. Better be patient until it's finished... Purrs

  3. That is a big renovation but when it is done the house will be happy I am sure

  4. Well, at least you have a comfy bedroom to hang out in while the renno proceeds....

  5. At least you are safe in there.

  6. How scary... and exciting all at the same time! Maybe those men are creating new secret places for you to nap in the kitchen. It could happen!

  7. We know purrzactly where our yard is. So when anything comes in it, we growl and run to the top of the steps ready ta attack.

    Fortunately, most times it is just a delivery or a car turning around.

    But if anyone comes ta the door, we are readdy to

    Run unner the bed.

  8. Thank Cat you have your suitcase...I have a slight feeling what happens next...MOL :D Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday :) <3

  9. Poor you!

    I have had to keep hiding behind my mum's bed lately due to all these strange humans coming to view the house because we are selling up. Today we had no one so I think it means we won't be getting any more. Let's hope so.

    Purrs xx

  10. Ah, the saga of the invisible noise and mess makers!

  11. We know how you feel about being locked in the bedroom. We've been locked in more days than we like recently. Mom Paula says we have one more day of work where we must be locked in.

  12. Eeek! Yesterday I was kinda sequestered in Pop's room cos our a/c was broken and we had a fan in there. Scary men kept coming, going in the furnace room and then going on the roof.