Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer Camp Meowbox Review - Slideshow

We were thrilled that our human got  to review a scrumptious Meowbox this month.  We will post a formal review tomorrow but since we also made a slideshow, we thought you would enjoy it in the meantime. Also included is one of the pix from our photoshoot. We love  Meowbox! And don't you think we deserve one after that frightful kitchen renovation we put up with last month? Love Peaches & Paprika

Slideshow (click on link!)

Meowbox Summer Camp Collection Slideshow
Lucky Peaches & Paprika enjoying the scrumptious MEOWBOX. This box's theme is "Summer Camp" and features such goodies as "Catnip S'Mores, Hot dogs & Campfilre toy, Meowit badges and more! Or should we say "S'More. Peaches & Paprika are picky but they like every item in the box. Can be ordered at


  1. Those boxes would be a great gift for our kitty friend
    Lily & Edward

  2. Cute video, it looks like you got a lot of goodies.

  3. Oh, how fun! We are in love with those s'mores! (And with both of you, of course, Peaches and Paprika!)

  4. Meowbox does such an amazing job! That's one box Mudpie hasn't tried out yet.

  5. We'd forgotten about the Meowbox! We thought it was wonderful when we received it.

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