Tuesday, August 22, 2017

National Tooth Fairy Day!

TOOTH FAIRY TUESDAY!!! I have been commissioned to be a tooth fairy today in celebration of National Tooth Fairy Day! So if you know any children or have any young relatives who need teeth, I, Paprika, am authorized to deliver one. Peaches has agreed to act as my assistant though she has been very bossy about it, like I don't know my job. Hope you'll forgive my not celebrating Tummy Tuesday, but they made me cover up my tummy today with this pink organdy stuff. Don't know what gets into humans sometimes. Need any teeth?

Love, Paprika the Cat

PS: As you'll note from the conversation below, Peaches tried to "take over" and I had to put her in her place!


  1. Oh my toothness you makevthe best tooth fair we have ever seen.

    and we LOVE your dress too :-)

  2. You are both so adorable, cutest tooth fairies ever.

  3. I think you guys might have it wrong--those human kids want money not actual teeth--though we would love you two cuties to visit anytime!

  4. Oh my! Peaches and Paprika mew look so cute as fairies, the most adorable fairies effur!

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox