Friday, August 4, 2017

Meowbox Summer Camp Collection - Product Review

Camp Cats Peaches & Paprika ready for action!

Oh Boy!  We heard  today that a special box just arrived for us. It's called "Meowbox Summer Camp Collection" - a surprise   from our adoring human.

Naturally we dressed for the occasion!

Meowbox, according to our human is a special "goodies" box created for cats like us who like surprises.  We had just gotten a different box from another company last month that was b-o-r-i-n-g.  But we guardedly held out hope that this one would be neat.

It WAS!  This  Meowbox had the most scrumptious goodies in it we ever experienced!  A cat could not be more pleased.  Here's how it went down!
The Grand Opening:  We were delighted when we opened the box to find our own names were on it! And a cool gift card about cutie-pie kitties at Camp. These greetings made us feel warm & fuzzy.
And then we pawed the box open! Mrow-Wow-double Mrowwww! 

Box inspection:

There were the most incredible things in it which smelled good:
  • KITTY CAMPER DUO: a HOT DOG and CAMPFIRE toy with catnip which got us excited about camping! (and catnapping)
  • CATNIP S'MORES: tasty catnip filled treats
  • CAMP BADGE TRIO: Crinkly stuffed 'MEOWIT' Badges
  • CAT CAMP BALL CHASER: - by Animalove. Blue & yellow handmade toy with sisal, rattan & wood. We chased after it immediately!
  • "IT'S PURRELY NATURAL" Chicken Treats 
  •  - freeze dried & containing no additives

The first four items were by R2P Pet Ltd, who surely knows about felines and furballs. The chicken treats were by Animalove. Yum!

Of course we could hardly wait to try it all out, but deciding what to try first was part of the fun! 

 Sniffing and Whiffing and cat-vestigating were an integral part of the camp experience!

Kitty Camper Duo: - Hot Dog & Campfire Toy

We were mesmerized by the large "hot dog" and far more so, once we, um "whiffed" it!


We thought this toy was beyond adorable! We tried to pull off the marshmallows and there was a little tree behind it!

Camp Badge Trio 

Every kitty camper needs badges! These stuffed 'Meowit' badges from Camp Meowbox fit the bill! Paprika likes the blue one...Me? I'll take them all!

 I was then told by my human to "play nice" and share with sister, Paprika. Bah!

 "It's Purely Natural Chicken Treats"

Since we started to feel drowsy, it was time to wake up with some tasty treats.  We gave in at last. Our human told us we could have some another day too!

Cat Camp Ball Chaser

The last toy was the most fun of all cuz we got to chase it! It's handmade with sisal, rattan & wood.  I took it over & would not Paprika near it!

Throughout the, um, "event," we were all "high energy" and outdid ourselves with jumps and lunges. Paprika even rose up into the air! (see the above shot our human took)

Paprika's Bliss 

So at the end, sisfur Paprika (left) completely "blissed out" and I myself went into a divine catnip stupor as well!

- Signed,
Peaches the Cat

So where do you get this wonderful box which your kitties will have fun with?

It's available at 
  • Cost: Subscription boxes can be ordered monthly or bimonthly, cost is $22.95 + tax and you get 4-6 items. For $32.95 they can be given as a one time gift. More details on their website.
  • Not "run of the mill" items!High quality, natural ingredients - organic or locally made.
  • "One Box Can" - For each Meowbox you receive, a can of food is given to a shelter cat on your behalf.
  • Theme & Personalization: Each box is personalized with your cat's name(s) and there is a special fun theme every month.

Signing Off for now...we just must since we are finding ourselves in an, um, "Catnip Stupor..."
We've all been there!


We were not compensated fur this review. We received a complimentary Meowbox in exchange for our honest review & opinion.

PS: For those who didn't see the Camp Collection slideshow and want to, here's the link from yesterday you can click to see it!


  1. That looks like fun! Real Cat Paisley would try to take all the toys too, Peaches :)

  2. What a fun review ! That box looks like a lot of fun ! Purrs

  3. What a fun box of goodies! We like that hotdog too.