Saturday, December 16, 2017

May I have your attention? - Caturday Art

Your attention, Please! - Peaches the cat
My human is so busy lately - performing an activity called "Christmas Card Sending" & "Present Wrapping." All I know is, less focus on  ME! 

So I got in the midst of the cards & put on my most loving look.. Do you think it will work?

Our snowy frame is from Imikimi. Wishing happy Caturday to all.


  1. It should work. You look very pretty in that frame.

  2. Such a pretty photo of you! Yes my Mom has been doing the same thing lately - cards/presents/decorations so I'm keeping MYSELF amused by sleeping under the tree!

    Holiday Hugs, Teddy

  3. I think most of the peeps are busy doing other stuffs this time of the year. We just have to entertain ourselves I guess.


  4. That's a great look and we're sure it will make your mom stop what she's doing and pay attention to you.

  5. My Sammy was feeling so neglected that he pooped on the bed. I bet you are too sweet to do that. :) XO

  6. You bet I'm in your situation. I have a slave to do my bidding—TW—so she should have a slave to wrap gifts and write cards.

  7. This is a very busy time for humans. But you look much to sweet to ignore!

  8. How pretty! There is no way anyone can ignore you with that look :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie