Monday, December 25, 2017

Meowy Catmas to all! + Secret Paws preview

We would like to wish all our friends a verrrrry happy holiday. Sending you our card with love and purrs.

Secret Paws update...Shh...
MY turn! I, Peaches have taken charge
of the investigations
Paprika sniffs packages while
Peaches lurks in the background

   We decided to post a few photos from Christmas Eve. Our Secret Paws gifts are here! We will reveal who they are from tonite! Meanwhile, our human put out some colorful packages from the mailer box & we got to smell them.  They smelled great! But we were told not to open anything till tomorrow.  Not fair!!!


  1. We got to open our Secret Paws package today. What fun! Merry Christmas to you all!

  2. Merry Christmas! We hope you got great gifts!

  3. Meowy Christmas from Melissa & Mudpie! Hope you're having a purrfect day!

  4. merry christmas--it was a great slide show too!

  5. Very pretty card. Merry Christmas! XO

  6. Happy Stunning Christmas to all with lots of love. Whoa! That paper looks like our's but our's went to … didn't think I'd tell you, did you?

  7. Hope your Christmas was truly EPIC and full of fun! We loved the slideshow - it was most special - just like all of you are!

    Hugs, Teddy, Mom Pam and Angel Sammy

  8. A Very Furry and Happified season to all of you from all of us! And really great New Year... It is such a relief now we can be going all catlike again...