Sunday, May 6, 2018

Happy Nurse's Day - Trills & Fur Massages

We are celebrating Nurse's Day and Week - a special time to honor nurse for their helpfulness & kindness in our lives. 

We may be nurses at heart because in our medical bags are many tricks which soothe the soul and body.

Paprika's specialty - "THE TRILL" - A musical sound halfway between a PURR and a MEOW..., made with arched back & various rubbings, it mends broken hearts and soothes the soul.

Peaches' specialty: THE FUR MASSAGE (Explained by Peaches)
"So the first thing I do when the human is at rest is a WHISKER KISS combined with a PURR to let her/him know I am ready to take medical action.  NEXT: I place one paw then the other on his or her arm and KNEAD gently, while pushing the arm. After that, I wrap  my self around their arm in a fluffy embrace.  I haven't even mentioned the head butts....After I'm done, the human cannot help but feel better. I really should charge big time for this!"

You can read more about Nurse's Day/Week May 6-14 HERE!


  1. You two look terrific and I'll bet you are fabulous nurses!

  2. I love your new header. I admire all nurses and you two are adorable. XO

  3. You know I thought hospitals were missing out on atrick, or two. I dare say you both could earn lots of money mice and treats giving courses in feline care and medication..... Tell me, do you acupuncture classes too?
    Toodle pips and purrs

  4. You two must make great nurses! And your header is adorable. :)

  5. You're both pros at nursing!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. You two make very cute nurses ! Purrs

  7. Your nursing technique description is exactly what I need! I know that I am supposed to do something...but I'm not sure what!
    Thanks for the tips! ANd I LOVE your selfies

  8. We think us cats are the best nurses!

  9. Nursie kitties are the best. Mommies agree! I know mine does!!

  10. We all have our specialties.. Marley reaches out with happy paws, Iza sits of laps, Ayla greet (when at head level) with talk and head-bumps... Cats are just natural nurses.

  11. Oh yes, Peaches, you should charge for your purr-fessional experience and time. Maybe you could take payment in the form of plump mousies dipped in nip? Mom says the sound of a kitties purr is her favorite sound EVER. -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews