Friday, May 25, 2018

Pinot Meow- for National Wine Day - Product Review

Caveat:  Don't give your cat "regular wine."  But now you DON'T have to drink alone when you celebrate National wine Day - there's PINOT MEOW! - a Catnip beverage, with a tiny bit of beet juice for color.  

We got this delectable beverage from Meowbox, a monthly goodie box for cats, when we did a review of their wonderful toys a few months ago. Our human was so hung up on the toys she temporarily missed this tiny "wine" bottle...and then she thought it was for HER! What a nerve.  II

It's for us, US! After she wrote Meowbox & asked them "what was up?" and they gave her the low down, she resolved to save it for a special day - which is TODAY, National Wine Day!  At first we dived into it, but afterwards, settled on repeatedly sniffing it...putting us in an extremely mellow mood! So in addition to your Merlot, your Pinot Noir, your Rhine Wines, you just MUST serve PINOT MEOW for your kitties! They will thank you.  Currently the price is most reasonable on their website for $4.95.   


Disclaimer: along with our box if goodies from Meowbox, our human received a tiny bottle of PINOT MEOW, in exchange for our honest review. To be honest, we're putting on the pressure to get more soon!


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    1. He He you can always try it and let Mudpie know your opinion...not that that would matter to her!

  2. I love this!!! The kitties are so jealous of our wine time!