Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Cat Forgiveness Day

We were all set to sprawl out for Tummy Tuesday when we learned it is Forgiveness Day!  This day comes 3x a year but one cannot celebrate it too often. Without further ado, I wish to join the spirit of the day and make a LONg list of what I forgive Paprika for!

I, Peaches, wish to tell you, Paprika, my fur sib
  1.I furr-give you for your show-offy acrobatics
2. and jumping on doors where I can't get at you
3. For snarling at me when I was only joking with you
4. For pouncing on my back when I don't feel like playing
We are not kittens any more!

I, Paprika, have a few things I will forgive my big sis-fur Peaches for:

1. for being bigger than me
2. for trying to intimidate me by raising a white paw
3. For your overly showy flamboyant colors
4. For thinking the cat condo is all yours
3. For lying on your back all the time like a Femme Fatale

Come to think of it I don't know if I fur-give you fur THAT!

There is another fur-giveness day next month and we may have more to add to this list. 

Then again, maybe not!

Please forgive your fur-sibs, your playmates and your humans for all you can manage and you will be rewarded with catnip dreams....


  1. Dang, I didn't know. I guess I better go tell the others they are forgiven!

  2. We're not so sure about this forgiving stuff.... ;)

  3. Such sweeties and so forgiving. XO

  4. Forgiving is part of loving right? Well, the only person I'm forgiving this time around is Mom for recapturing me after I escaped the house on walkabout - she found me in the neighbors yard. I am NOT ALLOWED out without my harness and an accompanying human but I ESCAPED....oops. Mom forgave me but should I forgive her? I suppose so!

    Hugs, Teddy