Tuesday, June 12, 2018

National Red Rose Day

Our human has always been a rose fan, so I volunteered ASAP to celebrate this day.  I am PUrRR, er THUR-illed to combine Red Rose Day with Tummy Tuesday.  By the way you can read all about this day HERE!  It was made for a cat like me. Check out the rose between my fangs!   Love, Peaches the Cat

Not so fast!  My sis-fur who thinks she is a famous celebrity is at it again, trying to steal the spotlight.    I am much more  deserving of it, because I have been photographed on my human's special  "Rose Blanket!" And check out my modestly yet artistically curled tail!  Try and match THAT, Peaches!
-- your good looking sisfur, Paprika

And just fur good measure, how 'bout some more real roses???

The last photo is the rose garden of my human's childhood in Oklahoma where she human grew up and helped her mom garden!  Of course we were not born yet!