Saturday, June 23, 2018

Happy National PINK Day!

Are we PINK enough? 
We ladies had never heard of "NATIONAL PINK DAY" but when our human told us about it, we couldn't celebrate fast enough!  For today, she used the Painnt Lysergic effect (what a name!) but it worked and we came out a nice sorta pinky color!

There are many ways to celebrate this national day, as not everyone can just "turn pink" the way we did!  

You can wear pink things
You can cook with pink (cookies with frosting, anyone?)
Or go to the park and find pink flowers...
Buy pink flowers for your honey...

Have a great pink day!

We are celebrating Caturday Art day today with Athena & Marie & look forward to visiting!


  1. You ladies look extra pretty in pink. XO

  2. You two look terrific in pink! Nice hats too! :)

  3. Pretty in pink! We didn't do anything in the pink today.

  4. You both look purritty in pink, girls💗Pawkisses for a wonderful day🐾😙😻