Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Cats Christmas Tree Shakedown

Hello, Paprika here, doing what I do best.  We love these beautiful trees and I find them impossible to resist.  I told Peaches my sisfur about my overwhelming temptation to ascend to the top and shake things up a bit. She was only too happy to cooperate (for a change). Do you other kitties like holiday tree activities? (Shhhhh.....) - Paprika the cat


  1. I've heard when my kitties were young they were always climbing the Christmas tree which did not make my mom very happy!

  2. Yes, this is what cats do best. Great job.

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    Have a purrfect day you two. My best to your peeps. ♥

  3. If people bring a tree into the house, what else is a cat supposed to do? You both are doing a very good job too.
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  4. Nicely done ! You did a pawsome job, MOL ! Purrs

  5. My cats used to love swatting Christmas ornaments! The dogs are more interested in the gifts under the tree.

  6. hahaah...thiss would be a horrible mess.