Friday, December 7, 2018

Faux Fur Friday

Good morning, Peaches here! Faux Fur Friday, celebrated the first Friday of December, is an irresistible holiday to celebrate for cats and humans! Faux fur clothing first got started in 1929 and in the 1970's was at its heyday.

Both I (above) and Paprika (below) are firm believers in this holiday.

First of all, humans can wear it & look pretty instead of REAL fur from animals, as was so popular in years past.

The real benefit of course is to us cats.  Just check out how happy Paprika and I are on this zebra fleece fur.  Our human buys them on sale at Joanne's Fabrics just to give us a thrill!

Speaking of thrills, you can see how I am enjoying this leopard print which is one of the Faux Fur fleece throws on which to luxuriate.

As you can see I could not resist a little "frolic" on same!
Lest you think we are completely nutty cats, we now present "Exhibit A" - featuring our human Carol.  Humans are far from immune to Faux Furs. As you can see, Carol is wearing a tiger sweater & TRYING to look like US!

We don't really think she succeeded but applaud her efforts.

Whenever possible we seek out articles of clothing to "hang out on" and protect. Here, for example, is Carol's "Tiger Hat" which makes a great foot warmer or pillow for myself or Paprika (below)

Paprika and Tiger Hat Pillow

I personally like to watch over this particular tiger hat and "protect" it so it will not fall into the wrong Paws."

When my human wears this hat out and about, I am always quick to pounce on it and "secure" it upon her return.


We hope you have enjoyed our Faux Fur celebration and that you always use FAUX fur in your sewing and gadabout activities!

Love, Peaches and sis-fur Paprika


  1. Everything in your home is yours and it's nice that you let the mom borrow stuff here and there.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to your mom. ♥

  2. You girls look just lovely on all of your faux furs. Beautiful.

  3. You look lovely luxuriating on your faux furs. Real fur only looks good on their original animal owners.

  4. Faux fur is nice...especially for the humans who don't have the real stuff like us.

  5. That was just wonderful and you sure had the snuggle cozy going on!

  6. Peaches and Paprika, you look so comfy and my does that fur accentuate your special features on your fur....its not faux is it? Your fur is just so pretty I wondered. Your mom looks good in faux furs too.


  7. I for one always wear REAL fur but I wouldn't let TW wear anything but fake. Back when she was in high school, she was looking for a jacket and a saleslady got uppity and indignant with her cos she didn't want "rrrrrabbit." In those days, those short rabbit fur jackets were all the rage.