Monday, February 11, 2019

Computer Clean-Up Day

Today, the second Monday of each year, is a day that every cat fears "COMPUTER CLEANUP DAY."  On this day, humans try to get rid of accumulated junk on their computers.  But WE are on her computers. Do we have something to worry about?
 Our first thought of delaying possible deletion disaster was to DISABLE THE COMPUTER MACHINE!
 We then decided to divide up the "protection" tasks!
 While Peaches guarded the laptop, I, Paprika, took control of the computer. And I DO mean control!
 We also jointly decided we could catch our "human fly" with a little "honey," always a successful tactic to maintain control.  I could not go wrong with a little kiss - Peaches
Or one could simply look beyond "cute." - Paprika
 In the end we decided "one cannot be TOO careful" and we guarded BOTH computer and laptop with unswerving fierceness.

But then we thought it best just to ask the human:  Are WE on the deletion list?

Whew!~~~!!!  Having had what we thought was a narrow escape from virtual extinction, we were quite relieved and decided after al the excitement, we would, you guessed it, take a nap.   That was close. See you later!


  1. I am very glad you weren't on the deletion list.Every photo is precious and can't be replaced.
    You worked hard to make sure you were safe.

  2. You two were really doing a terrific guarding job!

  3. I knew this would turn out okay with the two of you on the job. Too cute and fun.

    I linked this post to Happy Tuesday.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your smart mom. ♥

  4. Our mom's computer is a mess! Seriously! But we don't want her to clean it because you never know what she might delete accidentally! You girls are adorable.

  5. Mum rarely deletes things, but she does have all her stuff organized.

  6. No one would delete you 2 cuties. XO

  7. Kitties will pay a lot of attention to what you're paying attention to, lol. I've had many a paw on my keyboard.

  8. Such good defensive coordination you two - MOL! Cutie-pies, no one in their right mind would ever delete Peaches & Paprika!

  9. Oh you two make me laugh!!! What a fun post!

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