Sunday, August 11, 2019

Without our PURR-mission! Home Invasion!



Fellow fur-balls listen up! We here at Peaches and Paprika home have been subjected to the most unfair and inconsiderate of circumstances.  For 10 days, strange humans, not related to OUR human have been traipsing through OUR house.  We have been forced to hide in dark corners and closets to avoid detection, as we do not know their intentions.

Our human tells us she has listed her CONDO FOR SALE!  All we know is, we've put up with a lot of home invasions lately. Our human says they're called "realtors" and "prospective buyers."  Is that the same as "criminals?"  True, they have not tried to harm us, but you never know what they have planned.

I thought I had a great hiding place in the closet under some jackets.  However, my human informed me, she could see my snowy white boots under the jackets and some of my striped tail.  Dang!

We will report back soon to let you know what happens!
-- Peaches the cat.



Wait till you hear what happened today.  Our human suddenly stuffed us into containers, and wheeled us off to a strange place.  She called it "neighbors' house."  She did this WITHOUT OUR PURR-MISSION. Is there no end to the indignities we suffer here?  We arrived at a strange location, and were escorted into something called "neighbor's bathroom."  Our human unzipped our jails (carriers) and said we could come out but we saw nothing around us we wanted to come out TO so we stayed in the carriers.  At least we were safer there.  We moaned and howled a bit more because we were disoriented.. Our human returned to our new quarters to comfort us, whereupon she was reprimanded by her silly neighbor for paying us too much attention!  The neighbor who thought she would be getting some kitty love from us, urged our human to encourage us out into the living room. Well, against her better judgement our human agreed. Out we crawled....but Paprika was having none of it! She made a beeline  underneath the sofa which was exactly what our human knew she would do.  I, who am a brave cat, prowled around the kitchen and dining room, meowing with all my diverse meows especially the poignant meow (mrrrrowwww???) , because I had a lot to say about this situation.  


Once back in our OWN turf, we let our human know in no uncertain terms, our opinion of the whole episode which she irritatingly called "our adventure".  Hrrrrmph! No WAY!  We sulked for at least 5 days, including scowling at her with flattened ears.  From time to time, we fastened her with our best "How COULD you?" looks!  She better not pull this trick on us again, or we could do worse here!  Grrr...Mrow...


More Scowls Galore!


  1. Heck, all those starngers and strange happenings are very worrying. Maybe at the end of it you will get a whole new palace and grounds to play in so it will all be worthwhile?
    Have a great and unadventurous and stranger free week.

  2. What a nightmare for both of you. Of course there will be worse to come.....the M word!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is totally scary but at least you were scared together sweeties.

  4. You poor kitties. That is so wrong.XO

  5. Oh my, selling a home and moving is stressful, but putting pets through the process is heartbreaking. Peaches and Paprika, you be strong and help your Mom - in the end, you'll love your new place and forget all about the M word.

  6. This is the worst! We hope she sells it fast so you don't have to go through that anymore. We moved recently and we were lucky enough that the first people that saw our old house bought it. :)

  7. Goodness you two we remember when Dad moved down where we are now and we had to be locked in the home office which was already downstairs. All those strange sounds and odd people messing with our home was so stressful. We know Mom is sorry for all this. And she better be. You both did a good job giving her the looks so she knows what she did wrong.
    Purrs things work out for you all

  8. Sheesh lodge a formal complaint with someone! Moving should only be done once or twice in a lifetime!!!