Sunday, September 22, 2019

Our Moving Woes

Paprika, here! Okay, we like boxes enough, already! All of a sudden they decided to multiply before our eyes.  We wondered what to do...

Paprika here. I wondered what will happen next

I, Peaches, decided to hide in the midst of the window boxes. Bet you can hardly find me.
Our human looked all over the place before she found me HERE!
I then meowed in protest & went into one of the remaining rooms.  Most of my favorite areas were COVERED with strange stuff! However I did not let this deter me!  I decided to take control to secure the area.

I, Paprika noticed our human packing her COMPUTER (Oh NOoooo) so I immediately got in the box as she started to put equipment in it! Below you will see me sharing the space with her "hard drive."

The Weird Chair

I left the room for a while and returned in an hour. Much to my amazement, the entire room was almost empty.  How did this happen? But I did find a weird backless chair to hang out on.  It took a while but I figured out how to use it finally!

Hogwash!  I, Peaches, decided to go "on strike".  I will NOT join my human  in her bedroom if she's going to remove all our favorite places.  I'll find a new spot in the still-here sofa and...
Ha! Find me if you can!  ZZZZZZ...
We are Joining the Sunday hop to say:  O Mi Cod...Our human (we now call her IN-human) will be "tied up" for a while doing something terrible called "Changing Residences!"


  1. Moving is stressful, but I'm sure your Mom will give you extra treats for putting up with the mayhem!

  2. Oh my, that sounds like a really confusing time for you two sweeties.

  3. Your poor kitties, this must be very stressful for you and for your human too. XO

  4. Whoa, too many boxes and definitely too much disruption for my liking. I think you both did very well to find anywhere safe and comfy and quiet to rest up. Goodthing is, once this is done, and you are in your new place, all will be good. Bad news is there will still be the chaos of unboxing. Foreign holiday to the somewhere warm with nip wine on tap day and night is the only answer, MOL

  5. Lots of boxes are a good thing, but not when all your familiar things are put into them!

  6. Take it easy on your human, she is probably stressed out too. Purrs to both of you.

  7. Moving and stress seem to go together.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. We remember when we moved recently. There were boxes everywhere! Just have fun with them if you can. :)

  9. Oh Bast. Boxes are fun. But too many means the M werd...

  10. Changing residence?! Uh oh! Does that mean that zoms have breached your current home?! At least you've got those boxes to hide out in at night when the zoms coming feedin' until the move. If you need more of them, I can send some from my attic. Mom's kind of a box hoarder. Tee hee hee. Tummy tickles.