Sunday, December 29, 2019

Our Secret Paws Thurills

Friends FurEver blog was our Secret Paws Pal, and boy did we luck out! At the end of the afternoon when we ripped open, er, opened sedately our gifts, we were glazed, thrilled, and were prilling and purring.... here are a few highlights!  You can look at the pictures below AND/OR see our SECRET PAWS SLIDESHOW by clicking on this link.

First, there was the box....I, Peaches, thought I should be the one to do the honors, but it was not to be

That scoundrel show-off, little Paprika, pounced on it at just the right angle and, well you can see the picture!

Well now that the honors were done, we could go to, um, work!  There were delights galore...a wand toy with three different attachments...

LOTS of dental treats, our FAVORITES, gifts for our human (see slideshow), a yellow crunchy animal, and, best of all, MICE!  We went CRAZY over the mice!

But there was a curve ball with Paprika.   She thought there were two of her! (takes all kinds)

Boy is she a silly cat. Stopping to have illusions in the middle of this important activity!

Back, however, to important matters...the Mouses!

THERE you are, Mouse!

I, Peaches, nearly knocked down our whole house, trying to get at that mouse.  It was worth it!

The mouse took a good part of our energy, BUT a tiny red sardine competed with it for Paprika's attention. She really does get into zombie-villa which she gets catnapped.  but it's all good!!!

We are joining Cat On My Head's Sunday hop today!


  1. Oh my you two had the best Santa Paws ever!!!! Happy Christmas.

  2. Looks like ya got some pawsome presents!

  3. What fun you had with your pawsome gifts - enjoy the day sweeties.

  4. Those were all great gifts from Friends Furever. I enjoyed your slideshow too.

  5. You two sure had fun, fun, fun with those special gifts!

  6. Oh my sure have some amazing gifts from Santa Paws, Peaches and Paprika :) We lvoed your slide show! Pawkisses for a Wonderful Week ahead🐾😽💞

  7. Super slideshow. We're so happy you liked your gifts!!!! You really did "wreck the house" for the turquoise mousie!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. What a fun Secret Paws package you got!

  9. Whee that looks like so much fun ladies. We love Catmus too

  10. Looks like your Secret Santa was good to you. XO

  11. Wow! You guys are so lucky. Happy New Year from our house to yours!

  12. Wow, you sure did have a great Secret Paw! We did too. Isn't life wunnerful?